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The site is fun, informal and with audio resources for all beginners lessons, you should be able to make basic conversation in Sanskrit with only a few hours of learning.

These talks introduce the beauty and the uniqueness of Sanskrit language, some broad ideas of grammatical structure of the language and enable the participants with some speaking skills. This will facilitate them to enter into the domain of Sanskrit and related.

As the name suggests, the Easy Sanskrit Course is a simplified initiation and foundation for beginners. keen to start their journey into the world of Sanskrit. It has been designed in a manner that anyone regardless of mother tongue and age will get acquainted with the salient aspects of Sanskrit language, without being unduly burdened with details and nuances that could overwhelm a beginner. The Easy Sanskrit Course is a stepping stone, and a very solid one at that, for learning the divine language, and will serve as a window for all those who want a basic initiation into the priceless tradition, culture and philosophy of India. Nor is it too fundamental, for the language structure itself is adequately covered in this along with the grammar rules that are germane to studying the language successfully at the advanced levels.

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