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On a tree lived two birds, who built their nests together. One of them was a sparrow and the other was a nightingale. They enjoyed being neighbors and often flew together in search of food. Their tree stood near a field of wheat crop. Most of the times there were plenty of wheat grains spread around the tree. Hence, they had very little hard work to do. They ate to their hearts desire and rested well in their cozy nests.

One day they decided to explore a new place and taste new varieties of food. As they left, they came across a crow that looked ill and weak.

He looked so feeble that he was unable to move.

The sparrow and the nightingale wondered that in what way they could offer help!

The crow was too heavy to be carried into their nests and they feared it might die if left alone. After thinking for a while the sparrow suggested that she would quickly bring some twigs, leaves and straws. With this they would make a nest within the space below the rock and the ground. They thought of taking help of some fellow birds to gently push the crow into the nest. 'What about its food?', asked the Nightingale. 'Oh, our tree near the field would have been a good place. There is enough food and water to drink too. It would be difficult to bring both, here, said the sparrow'!

'That should be great exclaimed the Nightingale', as she came across an idea! She said I like singing and I often love to see people lost in my melodious voice. Many a times they try to catch a glimpse of me too. I am sure if I sing near the crow, at least someone might come looking for me and on seeing the poor crow, take pity on him.' 'They might offer some medicines to make him better', said the nightingale. 'Well, then lets do as we have just discussed', said the sparrow. They built a small and cozy nest on the ground, in a little space underneath the rock. Then they managed to push the crow into the cozy nest. After a while the nightingale began singing her song and found some people amazed to see her close to them on the ground. They happened to spot the crow and nurtured him to wellness. In a while, reached the sparrow who brought some wheat grains for the crow. The sparrow and the nightingale were delighted to see the crow as he tried to flap his wings. 'He is trying to fly, he must be better now!' said the sparrow. The people who nurtured the crow left their bottle of water behind. The sparrow pecked through it and sprinkled some water onto the crow. There he was, standing stable and fine now! The two birds felt happy to see him recover from his ill health. They decided to leave and go back to their nests. As they were about to leave, the crow thanked them in abundance and promised to repay their kindness in times of need!

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