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Indra made tea and took both the cups to the balcony where her husband Ajit was sitting and looking at the garden below. Ajit smiled at Indra and both started sipping their tea quietly.

They both pretended to be happy but from within they both were shattered ever since their son Suresh had expressed his interest to move away to his new apartment with his wife Bharti and their children Nicky and sweetie .He didn't even think of asking them even once if they wanted to move out to the new place with him.

Initially it came as a shock to both the parents but keeping their son's wish, happiness and privacy in mind they both gave it a thought.

They were very fond of Nicky, their only grandson who was a sensible and a compassionate child who cared a lot for his grandparents. He wasn't happy about his parent's decision.

Children were very fond of their grandma's dishes and her bedtime moral stories and the grandfather used to accompany Nicky to the cricket coaching classes and did gardening session with sweetie in free time. He was protective about both the children. Nicky and sweetie were sad imagining their life without Grandparents.

Due to old age problems; Indra wasn't able to stand for a longer time for cooking and also do the house chores all by herself. The feeling of being alone without children/grand children in this old age was more painful and was making her feel weak.

One day Suresh's son Nicky brought his friends to his home, for a group study. His mother Bharti gave them the snacks and coffee and they started studying at the night. As Bharti finished all her chores and was proceeding to her bedroom to sleep, she overheard the friends talking to each other about their future.

One of Nicky's friend said "Hey! I have plans to become a doctor and try and treat the under privileged and help society". When Nicky's turn came, Bharti was shocked to hear what he said "Hey! I have plans to become a software engineer and go and settle abroad, get married and settle there with my wife."

His friend asked "how about your parents?" Nicky answered "What about them? They too have to live alone sometime in life like my grandparents. They are planning to leave my grandparents alone and move to our new house.

Bharti discussed about this with Suresh and this came as an utter shock to them. Suresh got tears in his eyes. He said "Our son has shown us the picture of our future. Whatever actions we do, good or bad comes back in our life in some way".

Indra and Ajit got ready for their Evening walk. It was a little cold winter evening. As they both started walking towards the garden opposite to their apartment, Indra and Ajit saw Nicky playing with football in the ground close to the garden. They imagined their life without their grand children and felt sad.

When they reached home, they saw suresh and bharti waiting for them. Suresh and bharti touched both the parent's feet and hugged them and said "Sorry Ma and pa, please forgive us for what we said. We were planning to leave you alone in this age, when you need us the most. We won't go from this house and can understand how special this house is for both of you, as you have spent the whole life here. So, we will stay in this house only and will take care of you all our life." Nicky was very thrilled to hear this. He felt very happy.

There were tears in Indra and Ajit's eyes and of course the Forgiveness for their children. Parents have a very big heart to forgive their children always. This was all possible because Nicky had love, care and affection towards his grandparents.

Children should always respect, care and should be compassionate towards elders.

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